For the 9th Year we are very pleased to be supporting the Royal British Legion.  We now have our 2022 Dated Poppy available for pre-order, these should be available for despatch in May / June time, we will of course keep you updated.

This year there is a slight change in the poppy designs, plus we've also added a new larger size for the armbands.

The 2022 dated poppy is limited to 10,000 this year, so be sure to have yours and order early before they sell out this year. 

We are aiming to beat last years total, which was amazing given the circumstances.

Of course we would love your continued support again, and with many of you pledging this already we feel we will have another great year ahead, let's just all hope and pray that we can come through this current situation in good health and start to get life back to some kind of normality.

Last year we managed to have a record year & donated a massive £33,901.80 to The Royal British Legion and I would like to pass on their thanks for your continued support. We want to make 2022 our record year and you can help us achieve that.

Support for Poppies4Kits since we started in 2014 has been absolutely phenomenal and we would like to ensure this carries on, not only this year, but also for many years to come.  Every year we have sold out of Poppies before Remembrance Weekend, this year we aim to have enough to cover us through the period.

Although we had only planned to run this for the 5 year period from 2014 through to 2018 the appeal has gathered so much momentum and interest we have decided to continue this for as long as the public keep supporting us.

As always we urge supporters to purchase theirs in plenty of time to avoid disappointment, we have in previous years tried to gauge sales, but every year we have been overwhelmed by your generosity and support and sold out before the event.

We donate a value of £0.60 (plus vat) for every poppy woven patch sold & £1.00 (plus vat) for each armband sold.

poppies4kits is a trading division of Insignia16 Ltd and used solely for the use in raising for funds for The Royal British Legion.
Here's How To Apply Our Poppies

Here's How To Remove Our Poppies

How It Works

The poppies are woven badges with a self adhesive backing, which makes them easy to apply to almost anything, so not just for kits, stick them anywhere!

  1.   Peel off paper backing
  2.   Stick poppy onto your kit (or other item)
  3.   Play your match
  4.   After match, remove your poppy* (can then be applied onto another item)
  5.   Job done
Before you remove your poppies, please take photos and share these with us on through the following channels
Please also use the hashtag #PeelStickPlay
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The process is not just simple, it's also very effective.
As well as raising vital funds for The Royal British Legion, we also found last year that the initiative raised lots of awareness amongst the younger audience on the history and symbolism of the poppy and the Armed Forces community. To find out more about the educational resources available for children and to download a learning pack, visit The Royal British Legion website here
*We strongly advise you to remove your poppy from the kit before washing as this may leave a gluey residue on the kit.

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