Our Story

Poppies4Kits was started in May 2014, I was sitting on the sofa after my youth teams game had been cancelled & thought I need to get this project running, it had been on my mind for a while after standing as a manager on the touchline wearing a poppy & thought why can't my players also wear a poppy while they are playing?

My idea was not only to raise funds for The Royal British Legion, but also to raise awareness of the Poppy & why we wear it, when it was worn by teams at my club questions were asked by the younger players.

I proposed the idea to The Royal British Legion, who at the time was unsure if the idea would actually work but gave me permission to do this in 2014 on a local basis, but with the wonders of social media I soon found clubs around the country were taking a lot of interest, that 1st year we raised & donated £18,976.49 to the Norfolk branch of the Royal British legion, which was the biggest single fundraising venture in Norfolk that year.

The head office at The Royal British Legion then contacted me to see how we could work together as a partnership, so in 2015 we became Corporate Partners of The Royal British Legion & the only official supplier of woven self adhesive poppies, these were also purchased by the Poppy Shop (Royal British Legion official online store) and sold through there as well as on our website. (Please note my sales figures do not include what the Poppy Shop sells).

In 2017 we did not sell to clubs via Poppies4Kits due to personal reasons, but came back in 2018 which was at that time a record sales year donating £29,475.00.

2020 proved to be a particular challenge as Covid19 hit the world & it was announced a lockdown would take place just before Remembrance Weekend that year.

In 2021 we introduced the Black Poppy Armbands and became the only official producers & suppliers of these, they proved to be a success & in 2023 The Poppy Shop also stocked these products.

In 2023 we introduced the Poppy Corner Flags, with the ranges of products increasing it enabled us to reach an all time best donation figure of £35,986.80

Although we came up with the concept, without the truly great support of clubs this would not have been possible, in the coming years we hope to reach more clubs as well as reaching out into different areas where the self-adhesive poppy could be used.

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