Free Corner Flag

How It Works

The poppies are woven badges with a self adhesive backing, which makes them easy to apply to almost anything,

meaning they're not just for kits, you can stick them anywhere!

1 - PEEL off the paper backing

2 - STICK the poppy onto your kit, or other item

3 - PLAY your match

After your match, remove your poppy* - this can be applied onto another item

Before you remove your poppies, please share your photos with us on the details below:

X (formerly known as twitter)




Please also use the hashtag #PeelStickPlay

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As well as raising vital funds for The Royal British Legion, we also found last year that the initiative raised lots of awareness amongst the younger audience on the history and symbolism of the poppy and the Armed Forces community. To find out more about the educational resources available for children and to download a learning pack, visit The Royal British Legion website HERE
*We strongly advise you to remove your poppy from the kit before washing as this may leave a gluey residue on the kit.

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